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About Us

In this section you will find all that you need to know about our people, mission, history and frequently asked questions. If you want to learn more about our organization, just follow the links for more information. It’s extremely important to us that you get to know more so that you feel comfortable working with us. Once you take the time to find out what we’re all about, we are confident you will want to be engaged with our organization.

  • Our Purpose

    The primary purpose of Region V Services is to help individuals with developmental disabilities achieve their life goals.

  • Mission

    The Mission of Region V Services is to provide desired education and supports that promote relationships within community and lessen reliance upon agency services.

  • Structure

    Region V Services is a political subdivision serving people with developmental disabilities and similar needs in southeast Nebraska. It is governed by a board of sixteen county commissioners and supervisors from each of the counties represented. There are approximately 950 staff providing services to about 900 people throughout the sixteen counties and in a few other areas. There are fifteen area programs in Auburn, Beatrice, Crete, David City, Fairbury, Gretna, Lincoln (6 programs), Nebraska City, Wahoo, and York. There are "satellite" programs in Columbus, Bellevue, Hebron, and Seward as well as numerous services provided in smaller communities throughout the area.

  • Our Logo

    The Region V Logo is the biological symbol for "A new beginning". Whether it is the life of a person experiencing developmental disabilities, the personal growth of a person working in Region V, or the organization's commitment to continuous improvement, the logo represents the value of new beginnings in life.

  • Service Philosophy

    These services include a full range of individual supports from job coaching and in home supports that are staffed at all times. The focus of the agency is on personal outcomes, trying to determine what each individual truly desires in their lives and helping them accomplish their goals. Once we know where people want to go with their lives, we use principles of social role valorization to enhance both image and competency as we provide supports. We want to help people become less dependent upon agency supports and experience valued roles in the community.

  • Management Philosophy

    The management philosophy is to keep area programs small so that the Area Director can know everyone in the program, including people in services and their families as well as all the staff. Another long standing management philosophy is in providing direct support staff the highest salary, benefits, and training that is possible within the parameters of the funding system in Nebraska.

    For more information on the philosophy of Region V Services please check out the position papers that outline the direction of Region V Services over the next few years.